Our Mission...

Our mission at Collierville Ballet is to provide our community with quality arts and humanities education, cultural outreach events and performance opportunities; and to encourage, challenge and inspire individuals to achieve their own personal best in the performing arts and humanities.

Our Philosophy...
It is our holistic approach to the arts and humanities that helps to provide our company dancers with the necessary lifeskills to pursue a professional career in dance as well as in other areas outside of dance and the related arts fields.  We believe that training should not just be confined to the performing arts but should encompass experiences that encourage each dancer to be a well-rounded individual. So we instill in our dancers - etiquette, discipline, mutual respect, confidence, the ability to work as a team and to encourage one another as individuals.

One team...
We support each other, creating a warm, nurturing environment for students to maximize their potential.

Versatile dancers:
Our highly skilled dancers are able to adapt to a broad range of styles and genres. Our dancers are provided with in depth education on classical ballet, dance and it’s allied subjects.

Respecting our heritage:
We honor the knowledge passed down to us from generation to generation and ensure our students are educated in the history of classical ballet and dance.

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