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Reaching Out...

Collierville Ballet gives generously to our community to support the arts and humanities. Through our educational materials and programs, lecture/demos for schools and community groups, participation in charitable, arts festivals and community events, the Collierville Ballet makes a significant impact on the culture of our local and regional community.  Collierville Ballet is a signifcant leader in supporting the arts and humanities enrichment in our Collierville community.

Collierville Ballet has partnered with local organizations including the Memphis Pink Palace, the Memphis Botanical Gardens, the Children's Museum of Memphis, Harrell Performing Arts Theater, the Collierville Arts Council, the Bartlett Performing Arts Center, Schilling Farms Retirement Community, the Colliervile Burch Library, and numerous local chairties and business organizations.

Contact the Collierville Ballet about an event you are hosting to inquire about partnering. We enjoy giving back and reaching into our community in various ways.  It is through sharing our time and our talent that our community can flourish and provdie cultural opportunities for everyone.

Contact The Collierville Ballet 

Send us an email inquiry and a member of our staff will reply as soon as their schedule permits.